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What Is MOOI’s DNA…What Are The Values Our Business Is Based On

What is MOOI’s DNA…What are the values our business is based on

I was recently fortunate enough to be introduced into a global organisation of entrepreneurs: The Entrepreneurs Organisation (special thanks goes out to Catherine Stone – Face Place Founder and Janine Hall – Escape Haven Chief Fun Office for the intro!). My first encounters with this extraordinary group of business owners came by the way of attending a few events as a guest. I was blown away by this inspiring group of like-minded people who gathered together to share their wealth of experience in a trusted environment! Last September, I took it a step further and joined their specialised programme designed to coach and develop new entrepreneurs.

If I had to summarise one of my standout learning’s to date as a part of this programme, it would be: know who you are and what you stand for. This mindset is one that is reinforced both within the community and the prescribed readings. Initially, I made the mistake and thinking that because my vision was so clear to me, naturally, my business audience must hear it too. However I have since learnt this is not always the case. As a business owner, you need to sing your key values loud and proud at every opportunity.

MOOI Values:

  1. Passion: Loving what you do.

Passion for us means, to act, live with a sparkle, with positive energy. At MOOI we live and breathe our jobs with passion – we are spirited and vivacious. Our NZ Business Manager is one of our employees that exemplify this value perfectly. When Alice sees our new seasons samples she squeals with delight. When you meet Alice, her warm, positive energy brightens your day.

  1. Integrity: Unquestionable Quality.

MOOI is not about fast fashion. MOOI is about creating products to last and building a reputation based on how our brand and products make you feel.

We make products with unquestionable quality, and deliver our service with excellence. Our actions are based on a simple principle – “what would I expect if we were the customer?”

We maintain the MOOI level of integrity with all interactions with our customers, our team, and our service providers and business is based on honesty.

Darren is a great example of this value. He currently manages the dispatch in Australia and is the final QC check on all MOOI outbound items. His attention to detail and slightly OCD approach to his job ensures the customer is never disappointed when opening their parcel. There is never a ‘this will do’ when it comes to Darren and as a result, our customers are always WOWed at the end result.

  1. Style: Unique Expression

Style for MOOI comes down to an expression of who we are. We are unique, smart and timeless. Not followers of the masses. There is a quiet confidence in how we present. MOOI style is evident and consistent across our designs, merchandising and website and represented by our staff. We have it and act with it.



Now for the fun part…how can what I have learnt, help you? I wanted to share a few tips for defining your businesses DNA.

  • First things first, brainstorm with your management team and a facilitator. A good way to start is by recording all the values that are alive in your organisation. What is binding, driving and defining your company now? Work through these (with collaborative discussion) to narrow the values down to the most important. Remember, the ones that you identify as the key values need to apply to all areas of your business.


  • Keep it simple. Gino Wickman recommends limiting your values to 3 to 5 points. All employees and stakeholders need to know and understand them and apply them to all decisions. Less is more!


  • Reinforce your values across all communication and wherever possible, tie them into staff rewards and your overall business goals.

Vashti Uys

Vashti Uys is head designer and founder of MOOI. Based in Australia with her two young sons Kingsley and Kobi, Zimbabwe-born husband Darren and her dog Frankie, Vashti’s own personal easy-going style mirrors her design ethos - favouring the functional and fuss-free with a strong emphasis on beautiful fabrics and a foundation of luxury.

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