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Live By Example

Live By Example


A few events of late have triggered the way I am looking to redefine my narrative about being a woman in business.  

 Yesterday, whilst in New Zealand, I caught up with a good friend, who as the founder of her company, often speaks at various events. She uses these opportunities as a platform to share her journey while informing the audience about her product. It’s her ‘matter-of-fact’ delivery that always engages great enjoyment in her audience. Yesterday, during the question and answer segment of her presentation, Lilly was asked ‘how do you choose between being a great Mum and a great CEO?’. I was flabbergasted. Later in the day, when I shared this with Lilly, she explained that gender referencing was not a surprise to her, and in fact, was a constant in a lot her public appearances. Naturally, this got me thinking… 

 I am reading a great book at the moment called “Million Dollar Women”. In the book, the author, Julie Pimsleur, references that woman entrepreneurs are on the rise in greater numbers. This is fantastic news. The author also goes on to note that women often don’t think big enough, or seek change quick enough. Julie makes some fascinating insights to why this is and also offers real solutions to help overcome key issues for woman entrepreneurs. 

 How many woman leaders in big business can you name? Oprah, Martha…who else springs to mind? 

 These points are lighting a fire in me as I sit on the plane returning home after three days in New Zealand. How can I live by example and be the change I want to see?

Vashti Uys

Vashti Uys is head designer and founder of MOOI. Based in Australia with her two young sons Kingsley and Kobi, Zimbabwe-born husband Darren and her dog Frankie, Vashti’s own personal easy-going style mirrors her design ethos - favouring the functional and fuss-free with a strong emphasis on beautiful fabrics and a foundation of luxury.

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