• Where is VASH from?

    Interesting question with an answer that is longer than you may have expected.
  • Leather bag cleaning and care

    Learn how to look after for your leather to ensure your VASH bag lasts a lifetime.
  • Designed by women for women

    Before VASH offers a new bag style to our customers we test it, we're committed to ensuring each and every bag meets our expectations, from the concept to the design of a fantastic final product. Today I’m sharing the process behind our recent testing on our new bag styles.
  • Not our first trade show

    Simply put, trade shows are markets for businesses to meet, greet and sell to other businesses. Exhibitors also use shows as an opportunity to test new products and connect with their community.
  • Discover Voyage of Life

    Inspired by the Voyage of Life series of paintings by Thomas Cole, our Autumn Winter ‘19 collection, explores texture, quality and timeless style. Discover our new designs and detailed improvements.
  • AW 2019: Style and accessory trends

    This AW 2019 season sees growing support for the ‘slow fashion’ movement. Quality products that last and increased sense of environmental responsibility. One of our founding pillars is quality, we use high-grade leather that only gets better with time, with designs that showcase the leather’s natural nuances. Let's explore what you can expect to see this season.
  • The VASH Journey

    I often stop and reflect on my journey and where we are at now; but a recent piece shared in The CEO Magazine reminded me how far we have come with VASH + MOOI.
  • A day in the life of Vashti Uys

    I am an early riser! I’m usually up by 5am and can’t start my day without a Bikram yoga or boot camp session, or a nice run on the beach with my dog Frankie. I enjoy this very peaceful hour of the day that I have to myself to center and focus on what is to come. Once I arrive home, crazy starts!
  • How to care for your Vash bag

    We work hard to refine and perfect the quality of our bags, therefore to ensure longevity and appearance of your bags is preserved, we recommend following our care guidelines.
  • Speaking about style with Vashti Uys

    Vashti Uys, head designer and founder of MOOI was recently interviewed by NZ Girl about all things fashion. We've included some of the highlights below, visit NZ Girl to read the full interview!

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