Sourcing in South Africa

When we first started the MOOI brand, due to our low production volumes (as a new brand) we were very restricted with the variety of material we could source-  both locally in South Africa and in the neighbouring countries. 

As a small design business, we initially outsourced all our production (until recently) which also restricted our ability to deal with leather tanners directly. While as a small business, it can be beneficial to have assistance in areas such as production, it also can impact the end-to-end design process. As a creator, I naturally wanted to play a part in every aspect of the creation of my MOOI products from start to finish.

However, during my latest sourcing trip to South Africa we were lucky to have the opportunity to bypass the 'middle man'. This is super exciting for myself but also a big stepping stone for the brand.

IMG_2266 IMG_3267 IMG_2260