How to care for your Vash bag

Here at VASH, we pride ourselves on using only the most unique and exotic leather finishes on our products. We work hard to refine and perfect the quality of our bags, therefore to ensure longevity and appearance of your bags is preserved, we recommend following our care guidelines.


With a little love, our leather will last a lifetime. If your bag is used regularly, leather should be conditioned and cleaned every 6 months. Use a quality leather cleaner and a soft rag to remove dirt and debris. Smooth leathers can be cleaned with saddle soap and a damp cloth. If no leather cleaner is available, use a slightly damp cotton cloth to remove any spills or marks.

Calfskin is an extremely delicate fabric and will naturally wear over time. To best maintain the appearance of calfskin hair when soiled, we suggest wiping smoothly and gently in the direction of the hair with a damp cloth, mild soap and water. Do not soak or use excessive water. Brushing with a soft brush will also help to keep the hair soft and fluffy and remove any dirt.