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  • Where is VASH from?

    Interesting question with an answer that is longer than you may have expected.
  • Not our first trade show

    Simply put, trade shows are markets for businesses to meet, greet and sell to other businesses. Exhibitors also use shows as an opportunity to test new products and connect with their community.
  • A day in the life of Vashti Uys

    I am an early riser! I’m usually up by 5am and can’t start my day without a Bikram yoga or boot camp session, or a nice run on the beach with my dog Frankie. I enjoy this very peaceful hour of the day that I have to myself to center and focus on what is to come. Once I arrive home, crazy starts!
  • Sourcing in South Africa

    When we first started the MOOI brand, due to our low production volumes (as a new brand) we were very restricted with the variety of material we could source- both locally in South Africa and in the neighbouring countries.
  • Live By Example

    Yesterday, whilst in New Zealand, I caught up with a good friend, who as the founder of her company, often speaks at various events. She uses these opportunities as a platform to share her journey while informing the audience about her product. It's her 'matter-of-fact' delivery that always engages great enjoyment in her audience. Yesterday, during the question and answer segment of her presentation, Lilly was asked 'how do you choose between being a great Mum and a great CEO?'. I was flabbergasted. Later in the day, when I shared this with Lilly, she explained that gender referencing was not a surprise to her, and in fact, was a constant in a lot her public appearances. Naturally, this got me thinking...
  • What is MOOI’s DNA…What are the values our business is based on

    MOOI Values: Passion: Loving what you do. Passion for us means, to act, live with a sparkle, with positive energy. At MOOI we live and breathe our jobs with passion – we are spirited and vivacious. Our NZ Business Manager is one of our employees that exemplify this value perfectly. When Alice sees our new seasons samples she squeals with delight. When you meet Alice, her warm, positive energy brightens your day.
  • Production; Behind the scenes

    Our gorgeous luxe leathers and cowhides are all handcrafted ethically in Africa. I wanted to share these behind-the-scenes images of our MOOI being produced along the way.
  • Why I started MOOI:

    Nowadays, I’ve come to realise that being asked the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions can be the most realigning and grounding activity one can do for a business. How did you start your business? Why did you start?

    Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a gang of business owners on at unique learning experience in New York. Yes you read that right…NYC!
  • Really Real or Really Fake?

    On my recent travels I was lucky enough to stop by Florence, Italy. There I indulged in copious amounts of gelato (an absolute must) but I also visited Leonardo Leather Works - a showroom with a variety of leather products made in true Florentine tradition. Of course shopping was on the agenda, but first I sat through a leather demonstration where an expert taught us the difference between fake and real leather. She gave us tips on what to look for, how feel and touch is important and why most places spray that 'leather smell' to try and trick you.

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