The Evolution of MOOI – Crafting our global presence

We have some really exciting news and we want to share it with you first, because the success of MOOI is 100% down to you.

It’s time for a change, but don’t be scared.

MOOI has just grown up. She’s left home, met new people, travelled the world, discovered new things. MOOI has developed a true sense of herself and carved a new and edgy sense of style that could only have been built from her strong foundations.

Acknowledging that growth, we also acknowledge it’s time for a change and it’s with much excitement we’re ready to introduce you to VASH.

VASH is the evolution of MOOI. She is sure of herself, she’s wise, a trailblazer, rule breaker, a trend setter, a game changer and a force of nature.

With VASH we will be a unique and future focussed global brand.

VASH is our founder’s unique name and now it’s our name.


So how did we get here?

A little over a year ago we started testing alternative brand names for our range. We needed something strong, unique and intrinsically tied to our product. We decided on VASH – our founder/designers unique name is our new brand….


(It’s Old Persian meaning is beautiful which is pretty cool)

When we created MOOI we had a small vision and very little brand building experience. We loved the word MOOI and the meaning (in Afrikaans and Dutch it means beautiful)
We underestimated two things:

Firstly the restrictions on owning a trademark of a common adjective. As our products popularity has spread, we now know we cannot supply most markets with the protected trademark MOOI. MOOI and most variations are unavailable.

Secondly, the challenge of teaching people in the South Pacific to pronounce MOOI (Moy). In our early designs we used a lot of cowhide. We think this didn’t help as most of people pronounce MOOI as Moo-ey.


All the best bits will stay the same – we promise!

  • Our products will stay the same. We will continue to create the beautiful handcrafted quality bags and clutches you are used to.
  • Our exceptional customer service. All emails and messages will be responded to within 24 hours. We will continue to offer our 7 day online order change of mind service. Our 1-year manufacturer's guarantee will also remain.
  • Your customer login. Your username and password will remain the same at

Some things will need to change, but change is good

  • Our name. We will be known as VASH
  • Our web address – you will get redirected when you enter Our new address is
  • Our social tags – our social tag will update to VASHBAGS, you will still be following us, you will notice the name change
  • Product branding – As we transition from MOOI to VASH for a short period, you will see a combination of both in the market place as we phase out MOOI. All summer 18/19 will be VASH branded


So that’s our huge news.
We can’t wait to take you on the new and exciting ride and thank you for your continued love and support.