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Get Organised

Get Organised

I have always prided myself on my organisation skills – that was, until recently, after a particularly frantic month, I found my usually super slick skills fall to the wayside.

Those that know me well know that I don’t handle mess and disorder well. When I have the simple things in order – from clean cupboards, to a perfectly hung wardrobe and organised drawers – I feel like I can handle anything that life throws at me.

On reflection, this skill (or as some may call it, a slight neurosis) could be attributed to having a ships captain as a dad.

The recent school holidays presented itself with the perfect opportunity to get on top of all the little niggly jobs that had been neglected. From tidying the boys’ playroom, to sorting out the bathroom cupboards, I began a much needed cleanse (aka the winter clean) that eventually led me to my own workspace.

When it comes to work, I’ve recently been focusing a lot on ‘action’ and ‘getting it done’ but noticed that a lot of time was being wasted on fumbling around trying to find digital and physical items (over and over again). Needless to say, it was time to get this sorted. A lazy Sunday afternoon soon turned into a serious cleanse session – creating mental and physical order in my workspace.

I wanted to share my three top tips for sorting out your workspace

1. Get get rid of all unnecessary clutter.
Only keep the tools that you use regularly on your desk. If you’re not using it move it to turn alternative space.


2. Make use of the walls

This helps personalise a space without cluttering your work area. I have an action wall with my calendar and corkboard for important, in use documents. I have a MOOI motivation and seasonal image board and my personal vision board. I see all of these while I am in the office and helps me to keep focused.


3. Group and separate items associated with each job

Group together supply materials associated with certain tasks. I have a stationary area used for all postage items, a design area with materials and current sample and a motivation and marketing area (magazines, books, catalogues, exhibition info)

Now my workstation is back in order time to overcome procrastination!


Vashti Uys

Vashti Uys is head designer and founder of MOOI. Based in Australia with her two young sons Kingsley and Kobi, Zimbabwe-born husband Darren and her dog Frankie, Vashti’s own personal easy-going style mirrors her design ethos - favouring the functional and fuss-free with a strong emphasis on beautiful fabrics and a foundation of luxury.

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