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We don’t want to race through life, mindlessly bouncing from one thing to another. We sit to drink our coffee, we put our phones away at dinner and, from time to time, we actually read the articles in coffee table books.

At VASH, we live with intention and we craft with it, too. We create our modern accessories with minimalist lines, exceptional quality and longevity in mind, so that you can savour them – no matter how quickly your day passes.

Our ranges of modern handbags are crafted from ethically sourced materials with a commitment to artisanal quality. From one small batch to another, VASH pushes the envelope to promise quality and timelessness – our bags deliver on both.

At VASH, we believe in crafting bags that are built to last and offer a lifetime guarantee on all materials and craftsmanship of all our creations. Treat them well, condition the leather and your handbag will remain beautifully by you side for a life time – just as a good purchase should. 


Just a little something-something. Made for all your daily essentials, our beloved Isobel Phone Pouch is a compact classic made for showing off.
Maybe starting with the perfect accessory? We know the place.
Just our Izar Mini Bags imitating nature with their angled zips and classic palettes. Picture perfect.
Quite the duo, don't you think? Pick your perfect handful.
You can't go wrong with a classic. Based on the timeless bowler bag but updated with modern lines, our Shaz Tote is your new staple.
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