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I have often battled with the idea of using a blog to connect with our MOOI audience. Up until recently, I could get away with using the excuse that the blog function on our website was somewhat clunky, difficult to use and near impossible to make look good.

However, thanks to the expertise of some fantastic new MOOI IT support, we now have a super easy and functional blog, so what is my excuse now?

You could say writer's block. I have spent some time brainstorming what topics would be relevant to share with MOOI lovers. Hours were spent deliberating with Mr MOOI (my husband Darren) on how I can take these ideas and generate some authentic and appealing content. As always, Darren shared some very wise words with me.

“Vashti, share your journey – as a designer, business runner, traveller, mother, wife, daughter and friend. Be real and tell the story that is going on in your head.”

Such wise words ring true. So here we go - just me, myself and MOOI, the blog. From now on, I plan to share with you the story of MOOI + Me. From the challenges we are facing as a business, new experiences I am having, my design inspirations and insights into what goes on behind the scenes at MOOI HQ. From time to time I plan on also sharing the views of our collaborators and open up the doors (so to speak) on how we at MOOI view style and choose to live.

Inspiration: Indo Street Art.

We recently took our two young sons’ (Kingsley + Kobi) to Bali. It was a the perfect working holiday – wonderful weather, amazing people, stunning design everywhere and miles upon miles of natural landscapes that took my breath away. We were staying in Canggu and travelled by scooter literally everywhere. I would have Kingsley on the back of my scooter and together, we would often spent the trip ‘art spotting’. Above are our top picks. How cool are these!


Vashti Uys
Vashti Uys is head designer and founder of MOOI. Based in Australia with her two young sons Kingsley and Kobi, Zimbabwe-born husband Darren and her dog Frankie, Vashti’s own personal easy-going style mirrors her design ethos - favouring the functional and fuss-free with a strong emphasis on beautiful fabrics and a foundation of luxury.

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