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Why We Believe In Quality Leather Handbags Over Quantity

Why We Believe in Quality Leather Handbags Over Quantity


Nothing lasts forever, though a great quality leather handbag will definitely be with you for a longtime. How a bag is crafted makes all the difference to how long it will last. An expertly handcrafted leather handbag can last you a lifetime. Having a multifunctional bag is also a plus, as decanting the contents of your bag into another everyday is not for all.

Made to Last: Our Quality Leather Handbags

Everything in the world of advertising is geared towards getting us to spend, accumulating a heaving wardrobe of things we often don’t wear or need. When it comes to handbags, having a few great quality staples is a wonderful fix. Having versatile handbags that can take you from day to night, such as our Shaz Tote, is perfect for women looking to reduce their wardrobe size and shop more consciously. Shopping more thoughtfully encourages you to choose pieces that are quality and will pass the test of time. 

Shaz Tote in Grey and Black Bubble Leather.


The Minimalist Mindset:

We have been indoctrinated to believe that happiness can be found in the quantity of our belongings. The process of building a mindful closet, allows us to become selective about what we allow into our lives. Therefore allowing us to invest more energy into selecting better quality long-lasting items. Once cutting down on the amount you buy you will naturally choose quality over quantity. Shopping will then bring you feelings of joy when you are able to find that perfect piece, rather than that over-shopping guilt. We all know accessories are not a necessity, but if we choose to indulge it’s best to make sure they are sustainable, ethically sourced and durable items.

Slow fashion supports ethical and sustainable brands, that divert from gluttonous mainstream promotion of overconsumption. Having a few good quality staple handbags is much more fulfilling than dozens overcrowding your wardrobe. A good quality leather handbag that lasts and suits your everyday function really is something to cherish. A reduction of your wardrobe allows you to focus on what you really wear and remove all excess clutter. This is perfect for those moments of staring blankly at your wardrobe complaining about ‘nothing to wear’. Once you dive into the world of ethical, and sustainable fashion, you will soon realise that you will want to have fewer items in your closet of higher value. Slowly, you will build a connection with each of your lovely and unique pieces!

The search for good quality fashion, that is made sustainably for both the environment and the workers is  improving consumers consciousness. People are placing an increased value on their impact on the environment. At VASH we believe things should last. We make our customers feel good because the value and functionality of our bags far exceeds their expectations, for years to come.


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