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Designed by women for women

Before VASH offers a new bag style to our customers we test it, we're committed to ensuring each and every bag meets our expectations, from the concept to the design of a fantastic final product. Today I’m sharing the process behind our recent testing on our new bag styles.
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AW 2019: Style and accessory trends

This AW 2019 season sees growing support for the ‘slow fashion’ movement. Quality products that last and increased sense of environmental responsibility. One of our founding pillars is quality, we use high-grade leather that only gets better with time, with designs that showcase the leather’s natural nuances. Let's explore what you can expect to see this season.
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Design Inspiration

Working on our next summer offering these last few months has been particularly inspiring for me. As the MOOI brand goes from strength to strength, we now have the benefit of a team of dedicated sampling staff during the production process, as well as access to custom making our materials. This is super exciting and has opened up many more creative doors for our designs!
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